Industry-Leading Third Party
Risk Management SaaS Platform

64% of companies rely solely on legal requirements in the Master Service Agreement to manage their risks.

30% send internal auditors to evaluate third party controls.

What if your staff could achieve increased
and enhanced security, with less work?

What We Do

An intelligent auditing platform that rank orders your company’s third party risks and advises how to manage them effectively.


Avoid Regulatory Fines

Enforce improvement across supply chain

Manage internal resources by focusing on top risks

Lower Cyber Insurance

Save $ during Recovery

The Facts

73% of executives believe third party related incidents are on the rise.

65% of executives believe managing vendor cybersecurity is difficult.

67% of breaches in 2016 were caused by a third party.

What Others Are Saying
“We have a problem with simply assuming the risks of these new vendors during the acquisition. Hoping they don’t get hacked is not sustainable.”
General Counsel
Fortune 25 Telecommunications
May 2017
"I hate not knowing the risks out there. I just don’t have the staff to audit every one of my vendors."
Lead Security Architect
Fortune 250 Oil & Gas Operator
June 2017
"I just had an auditor bill me for a 3 week audit. I haven’t even read the 60 page report. When do I have time to read that?"
Power Plant Company
April 2017