We Exist

The battlefield of business has changed forever.

For thousands of years, business success has been determined by owner versus competitor. But a new arrival changes everything.

You can lose your money, your intellectual property, or your business to a person you’ve never met, who speaks a language you don’t know – all from a country you’ve never visited. In seconds, when you’re least expecting it.

Let’s welcome online hackers and criminals as a new, 3rd dimension to the battlefield of business.

More than ever, savvy business leaders in today’s online world need a trusted guide to help them understand, manage, and defeat this emerging threat.

We are CanIgetHacked.com

We believe business leaders have four, separate, and sequential battles to fight in the online war:
We can help you accept the reality that if you’re online you’re at risk.
We can help you assess the cyber risks of your business.
We can help you select & implement controls to protect your business.
We can help you manage your risks.
We can help you.

Your company is worth holding on to – invest in learning your risks and plan your next step.

You’re obviously already qualified to do this. You have to be. Your company’s success may depend on your next move.

You wouldn’t let someone steal from you in person. So why allow it online?

The threat is already present.

Do something. Today.

We are canigethacked.com.

We Are

We’ve assembled top cyber expertise from global Fortune 500 enterprises, tech companies & the U.S. military. Together, we have developed a unique SaaS platform unlike anything on the market.

We’ve done this for a while so we know how devastating cyber-attacks can be for companies large and small. That’s why we are passionate about helping companies develop their cyber security programs. You have worked tirelessly to grow your business and nobody should be able to steal your earnings or harm your reputation. You wouldn’t tolerate that in person and you shouldn’t tolerate it online. We don’t, and that’s why we wake up every morning to help companies just like yours. We’re looking forward to helping.